How to pitch your story to a Journalist or a Media organization? [Video]

  • Come straight to the point. Keep it short and simple. Also, have a “subject line” that clearly tells whats the story is about.
  • Make sure your pitch is relevant to the journalist. Get to know what the journalist usually and what he recently wrote about before you proceed
  • Make timely pitches. Think about why your story matters today. If it makes sense, relate the pitch to a current event or a human interest story.
  • You can tell journalists why your story is relevant to their readers so that they can decide the impact and urgency of the story.
  • If the journalist likes to cover your story, he will ask for more details and resources. There is no need to overwhelm him with everything you have in your pitch.
  • Did you know? 85% of news editors and journalists open an email based on its subject line.
  • Did you know? 81% of publishers prefer email pitches.
  • Did you know? 87% of writers agree that you should send one or two follow-up emails at most.

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