Abu Dhabi introduces a cap on rent increases – again! What do people think?



Reversing a policy put in place 3 years ago, this week Abu Dhabi government said that  residential rent increases in Abu Dhabi were again capped at 5 per cent a year.

The timing of this announcement means the move may not actually make much difference to anyone in the short-term. According to the National, “Average residential rents in Abu Dhabi fell by 9.4 per cent in the year to the end of September and are expected to fall even further in the coming months as job losses and cuts in public expenditure continue to reduce demand.

We decided to conduct an opinion poll to see what residents thought about this news announcement. Rather than poll traditionally, we analysed comments made on social media.  Social media is notorious for useless content put up by trolls and bots. We tried to clean it up so that we can actually use the comments for opinion survey.

Here’s what we found



Social media comments can be used to conduct opinion analysis or surveys. It is not a substitute to traditional surveys which tend to be costly and time-consuming. Using social media comments for surveys is still a low-cost way to get quick and general feedback on product reviews, events and news announcements.


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