Reactions to Abu Dhabi municipal levy on expat rentals


We decided to look at how expats reacted to the recent Abu Dhabi government move to apply a levy on rental amounts paid by expatriates renting homes in Abu Dhabi. News on the levy is not new as it first came out in April 2016. But the National newspaper reported this Tuesday that the authorities will backdate the levy to February 2016. This means a lump sump payment for close to one year of overdue levy. This took many by surprise.


We looked at opinions posted on social media and comment sections of news articles. We cleaned up low quality content to get quality opinionated comments.  We then categorised the comments to get a sense of whats on people’s mind.  Most of this is English content as we found very little arabic content on this subject.  Of course, we know that this is not a scientific assessment of opinion but rather anecdotal. But we think this is helpful as a good feedback tool.

Here’s what we found

Abu Dhabi authorities are hoping that such levies will help build economy in the long-term as they explore a range of revenue producing initiatives.

Data analysis is performed using Locus Elite tool.


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