Mapping #InAbuDhabi


#InAbuDhabi is omnipresent in Abu Dhabi. The tourism authority encourages visitors and residents alike to share their experiences using this hashtag.  People love doing this as we can tell by the thousands of selfies, videos and pictures posted to Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Our team loves data analytics and today being a Friday, we wanted to spend sometime mapping #InAbuDhabi. We used Locus Elite tools to get close to a million posts sharing #InAbuDhabi over the past year and we looked for those that contained geographic (GPS) coordinates in them. When you upload photos from your phone, you can share the co-ordinates of your phone’s location as well.  30% of them did and we couldn’t wait to put them on a map. Here’s how it looked. Every dot you see is a bunch of posts coming from that place.


You can see that within Abu Dhabi city, we see dense clusters of posts coming from areas closer to Corniche. The following is a heat map of the same:


What surprised us is that a big number of posts coming from Dubai that also use #InAbuDhabi.

InAbuDhabi2The above chart shows #InAbuDhabi mapped all across UAE.  Big clusters can be seen in Abu Dhabi city, Yas Island, Dubai, Al Ain and small concentrations in Madinat Zayed and other places.

We also wanted to see which spots are more popular for #InAbuDhabi – purely based on the geo-coordinates. Here is the ranking:


Of course, it should come as no surprise that the top spots are also the biggest attractions!  Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the place from where 5.39% of all #InAbuDhabi posts come from followed  by 1.97% from Ferrari World in Yas Island, the Corniche Beach at 1% and so on.

What we discovered during the above mapping process was that spammers also spoof their locations. We managed to remove them using the tools we had in-hand. Of course, there is a lot more analysis and visualisations we could do, but this being a Friday, we have to go hangout and post more pictures with #InAbuDhabi.




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