Influencers on Twitter from UAE


We compiled a list of popular Twitter users from United Arab Emirates. We will regularly update this list based on thier Klout scores – which is derived from the followers and the interactions on their accounts i.e., of how many people ‘retweet’, ‘reply’ the tweets made by these people. Some of these people are available for brands to get in touch and promote their products. This listing isn’t comprehensive as there is no standard way to do this, but one meant as a starting point for PR and marketing professionals. The following is a list for January 2017.

PictureProfileFollowersKlout Score
Fahad Albutairi2,540,00081
Balqees2,290,000 69
ضاحي خلفان تميم1,610,000 69
Bakhtawar B-Zardari1,250,000 69
بدر زيدان1,190,000 69
محمد أبوعبيد915,000 69
Hassan Aljasmi4,380,000 68
وسيم يوسف955,000 67
شمه حمدان1,380,000 67
علي الغفيلي1,320,000 67
lojain_omran لجين981,000 65
ريم عبدالله1,280,000 64
سعيد الشهراني440,000 64
ziyad785,000 63
علي بن تميم274,000 63
ضرار بالهول الفلاسي170,000 62
Ali Jaber1,250,000 61
E7.1,080,000 59
Aseel Omran393,00058
إبراهيم بهزاد 103,000
د-محمد سعيد العولقي 998,000
موقع بن دبا 1,050,000



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