The Mother of the Nation Festival is back and what are people talking about?


The Mother of the Nation Festival is back for the second year and people in Abu Dhabi are excited. The bad weather in the past few days won’t dampen any spirits. Running from today (26 March) to 4 April, this vibrant festival is all set to attract and entertain families and people with lots of activities, music and food on the Corniche beach. The event starts this evening, but we used Locus Elite tool to see what’s happening so far.

Hashtags used by people when writing about Mother of the Nation Festival


Buzz in news and social media in run-up to event

There is gradual build up of buzz and momentum on social media and in news articles in the first three weeks of March leading up to today.

Who are shaping social media attention on the event?


What we observed was that, in the days leading up to the event, the buzz was mainly driven by the following groups – listed in order of impact created

  1. the official social media accounts (@motnuae),
  2. the various local media outlets using their social media handles and
  3. the artists that are going to perform during the festival.

News websites that posted most articles on the event before launch

We will look to share experience of visitors to the festival in upcoming posts. Get in touch with us if you are interested in comprehensive insights on the event.



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