Analysis of GCC foreign ministries’ digital media assets


In this post we shall take a quick look at the digital media assets of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the various GCC countries using a few basic and simple metrics.  These metrics are:-

  1. Visitors to the website
  2. Followers on social media accounts
  3. Engagement with official social media posts

The biggest GCC country, Saudi Arabia, also has the most monthly visitors (1.4 million) to its website and over 1 million followers on its main social media channel (in this case Twitter). UAE comes second with around 95,000 website visitors in March 2017 and close to 400,000 followers on social media.

Using this graphic, we can look at how the public engaged with the social media posts made by the ministries of these countries. Saudi Arabia comes at the top once again followed by Oman in a distance second. The average number of retweets/likes for a post can measure the engagement/interest within the public. The analysis draws upon all official posts made between 1 Jan 2017 to mid April.

We were curious to find out which people from country visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website of UAE. This is obtained using the IP address of the website visitor.  Here’s what we found:

As you can see from the graphic, close to half of the visitors to the UAE website are local visitors. Visitors from India come second (close to 8%) followed by those from Saudi Arabia (4.8%), Syria and others.

GCC Foreign Ministry websites and social media accounts used for this analysis:



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