Is this meme culture damaging heritage of Emirati Society?


Since past 2 weeks, متصوع# is spreading like wildfire among youth and younger children mocking traditional Emirati dance widely known as Yola dance – often used to celebrate the heritage of the UAE, affecting Emirates cultural values.

We studied the impact of these viral videos on different social media platforms

We also conducted an analysis based on posts made in different cities. We found out that these videos/memes are not only restrained to Emirati cities but also trending in cities from neighboring countries!

According to Khaleej Times, the Sheikhdom’s Attorney General Hamas Saif Al Shamsi said “Young people should adhere to the virtues and values of morality and should not practice such acts that affect the public morals so as to respect the national identity“.

Meanwhile, several authorities and parents have warned young Emiratis highlighting the negative aspects of producing or sharing such videos. Also, some social counselors identified that these videos showed energy and creativity put by these youngsters which need to be channeled properly. They also suggested enrolling in heritage events to deep-root their heritage in them.

Data analysis is performed using Locus Elite tool.


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