Data analytics on Qatar Crisis: Here’s how it unfolded in the media


We looked at popular stories surrounding the crisis in the Gulf since it erupted on 5th June 2017. We used “story clusters” from the Locus Elite tool to discover the most popular stories on this topic. Think of story clusters as bubbles grouping news articles that tell the same story. The popular story clusters are the ones with most articles i.e, with bigger bubbles.

It has been a busy news cycle with over 90 official announcements from both sides with back and forth rhetoric amidst mediation efforts by world leaders.  Of all these stories, the biggest cluster in our analysis, in other words, the biggest story, is the opening story. This is when Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt (the Quartet) broke ties with Qatar. This came as a surprise and received huge coverage around the world. There were over 20,000 news articles on 5th and 6th June alone breaking this story. The second biggest cluster is the story when the media got hold of the Saudi led quartet’s list of demands. Here’s a timeline for news coverage.

We will continue to present data analytics on the Qatar Crisis in the coming days for the learning experience for professionals in PR, Communications and Media. Our next post will contain a short analysis of the massive social media attention surrounding the crisis. To buy a comprehensive 20 page data analysis report on this subject with full of infographics, drop us an email at



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