The ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative – Social media analysis


As a tribute to Sheikh Zayed’s timeless legacy, Sheikh Khalifa announced Year – 2018   as ‘Year of Zayed’. The followers of Sheikh Zayed are enthusiastic and looking forward to celebrate this initiative. At this celebration of honour, the Locus Team would like to draw your attention on the social media posts made by the people from different cities showing their support.

Here is a timeline which shows the course of discussion.

‘Year of Zayed’ is the most talked topic since the day it has been announced. Many hashtags related to the announcement is trending on Twitter. Here are some of the most popular hashtags used by tweeple to show their gratitude on this initiative.

We captured to show you some of the excitement within the people expressed through social media. Some of these posts showcase the love and fondness for Sheikh Zayed through their memories. Checkout some of these posts –

#repost "A drawing in the size of a coin of a man of the size of the world" #عام_زايد #عام_زايد_2018

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.. منّك نتنهج و بطريقك نهتدي #عام_زايد

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