Product Announcements / 9 July 2021

Always updated list of bylines, media contacts for better targeting.

Introducing Media Lists!

Our unparalleled news and social media monitoring capabilities mean every single day we scan thousands of bylines in a given industry. This allows us to build a dynamic (always updated) list of bylines and importantly detect changes to authors writing for media outlets or writing about a given topic. Therefore, it's NOT a static list.
Locus Elite's Media Lists are a collection of contacts (journalists or social media influencers). 
  1. We provide you with Media Lists with contacts that are important for your industry and market.
  2. Discover contacts in your Media List who write about you and those that don't.
  3. You can use our lists, but what would be more useful is for you to add your own contacts to it to make the most of what we have to offer.
  4. See the latest posts written by your contacts, and even track activity of each contact from their social media timelines. This helps you screen for the type of content that interests your contact and look for the right time to pitch.
See your Media Lists here!
Currently, we only provide out of the box Media Lists for Aviation, Oil & Gas and Government. We are working on more though!  Below screenshots will show you were to find "Media Lists" in the Locus Elite app.

New data visualisations we added this week!

Timeline - Impressions
'Impressions' tells you the potential number of views the posts received. This is an estimated number based on many factors including website visitors, number of followers, number of social shares and engagement.
Timeline - Net Sentiment
This chart shows your the volume of posts every day together with the dominant sentiment on that particular day. If 'positive' posts are more than 'negative' posts on a given day, the Net Sentiment for that day is considered as 'positive' and is represented as a green coloured bar. Similarly, Net Sentiment as 'negative' means, more 'negative' posts than positive ones. 'Neutral' posts are ignored.
Impressions by country
While a particular country might have been the source of a larger volume of posts, it doesn't mean these posts have contributed to large impressions/Reach. To complement the "volume of posts split by country" chart that we have always provided you, we added a new chart that shows impressions split by country.
Discover more visualisations!