Product Announcements / 18 March 2021


Introducing Newsfeeds lite!

Newsfeeds Lite are automated reports containing news and social media posts matching topics and any other criteria you specify. These can be sent as alerts to email or as app notifications.

Where to find Newsfeeds lite?

Steps to creating a Newsfeed to get alerts on any topic!

  1. Create a search query
  2. Select the query to draw search results for the Newsfeeed
  3. Configure when to receive and who should receive the alerts

Newsfeeds Lite vs Newsfeeds Plus

Newfeeds Plus is a premium service where an analyst verifies and improves the report's content before an alert is delivered. Such reports are high quality, allows more customisation and can even serve as newsletters to large groups or reports for senior management.

Newsfeeds lite, on the other hand, is a way for you to track stories or content where you don't mind getting some irrelevant content and where you are comfortable tweaking search query to bring in desired search results.

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