Monitoring and insight

Impact of an announcement

You worked hard for that presser. Get quality stats to measure coverage within target media lists, reactions from online audience, and quantify impact with meaningful metrics. Bosses are kept updated with slick out of the box reporting.

Negative story forensics

Negative stories can move fast, overflowing into other media outlets, and certain hostile social networks may try and amplify the story. Track and stay control throughout the lifecycle! Obtain relevant yet swift insight to craft your response.

Campaign tracker

Track and measure the earned media of your campaign across all platforms. Discover hate campaigns and fake news waged against you, who started them and more.

Media presence

You already have a following - outlets that talk about you, journalists that cover you frequently, and your fair share of advocates and detractors on social media. Understand them better before you begin to shake up your communications and PR.

Media outlet / individual forensics

Get detailed information about a media outlet or an individual like a reporter or a social media influencer to plan your outreach. Website visitors, followers, reach, geography of influence are all available.

Performance over time

It's a journey. There are ups and downs. Events that repeat. Lessons that you learnt from last year and hope to correct this year. Track everything over time.

New market/country analysis

Venturing into a new market is challenging. Hiring a local agency may help, but so is having neutral market insight - top outlets, competitor's advocates, market influencers and a consistent way to measure success from the headquarters.

Communications planning


Discover journalists and social media influencers for your industry or market. This is a dynamic process as journalists keep changing companies and are reassigned to different subjects. Look at their recent posts, their social connections (their network), interests and curate your own notes and contact lists.

Competitor analysis

Look at popular media outlets and social media personalities that have posted about your competitors. If some of these aren't covering you to your satisfaction, reaching out to them when you have an announcement could be a low hanging fruit!