Locus Elite is an emerging leader in the technology and media intelligence sector, boasting a distinguished track record in delivering premier open-source intelligence, media monitoring, and AI-driven insights.

Catering to a diverse clientele that spans the government, oil and gas, aviation, and public sectors, our in-house developed technology sets us apart.

We take pride in our esteemed portfolio of clients, who not only trust in our capabilities but also champion our reputation across their networks.

Our services are indispensable to multinational corporations, high-ranking government officials, and ministers, who depend on our comprehensive analytics and global media monitoring solutions.

Our Offices:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

10th floor, Dar al Salam building,
Al Danah, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. PO Box 22204

  • India

4th Floor, Locus Elite Building
Plot 97, Madeenaguda,
Hyderabad, India - 500050