Locus Elite for Communications, Media and Public Policy

Communications and media teams get reliable data, insight and tools to act and influence.

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Inventus by Locus Elite (API)

Social Data Hub API, streaming rich social insights directly to your fingertips, fueling enterprise intelligence.

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What's on offer?

Locus Elite app

Locus Elite app

Locus Elite app captures the flow of information between various media - traditional, online and social - to offer a comprehensive picture, the app has features built to avoid hammering an ordinary user to death by information overload. 



Quality coverage, comprehensive monitoring and actionable information presented beautifully and delivered right to your inboxes in time! These reports intertwine broadcast, news and social media to show impact of your stories across various media.

Realtime alerts

Realtime alerts

Receive immediate alerts on crucial developments, breaking news, or mentions across various media channels. Alerts based on specific keywords, topics, hashtags, or even specific influencers and journalists.

Analysis reports

Analysis reports

Evaluate the impact of specific communications, campaigns, or public policy announcements. Understand reach, engagement, and influence on different audiences.

20 Years of News & Social Media at Your Fingertips

Experience the power of unparalleled access with our app's exclusive feature: a comprehensive 20-year archive of news and social media coverage. Unearth historical trends, analyze long-term shifts, and explore a treasure trove of information, including every tweet since Twitter's inception.

Social media platforms we support


Our clients

AI-Driven Media Monitoring, Analytics & OSINT

Dive into the future of media monitoring, analytics, and open source intelligence with our state-of-the-art AI, NLP, and ML technologies

Our AI-augmented API for Integration

Sample Analysis and Insight

Custom software development

Rich and reliable opinion analysis capabilities

Mobile app development

Using Emojis and other expressions to assess emotional reactions within social media discussions.

Web application development

Smart ways to infer demographics of commentators in online discussions

Classifying comments into themes

Sentiment analysis

Deep qualitative analysis with very reliable themes and sentiment detection to guide decision making.

Going beyong social media into other online data sources such as Google Reviews

Meet key people!

Ashwin Reddy Gayam

Founder & CEO
Ashwin is an entrepreneur who founded successful technology companies with a focus on data analytics and the media. At Locus Elite, he leveraged AI and big data technologies for social media intelligence and OSINT. 

Arya Ramesh

As Director, Media Monitoring, Ms. Arya Ramesh is known for her expertise in managing key relationships with government and state-owned entities in the UAE. 

Shravya Valke

Ms. Shravya Valke, our Lead Programmer at Locus Elite, has been pivotal in developing cutting-edge solutions in large-scale data collection, big data analysis, and AI-driven software over the past five years.

Anusha Merugu

Ms. Anusha Merugu, our dedicated Operations Manager, excels in providing comprehensive media analysis reports, offering valuable insights to clients in communications and PR. 

Harish Medi

Mr. Harish Medi brings over 12 years of experience in technology operations and cloud systems, with a notable track record at industry leaders like Cognizant and Kantar.

Madhuri Jampana

Madhuri Jampana, a dedicated Product Manager is committed to enhancing user experiences, ensuring that every interaction with our products is intuitive, efficient, and satisfying. 

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Have questions or need support? Whether it's about Locus Elite for Communications, Media, and Public Policy, or you're interested in Inventus, our Social Data Hub API, our team is ready to assist you.

Offices - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. 

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Al Danah, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. PO Box 22204

Offices - Hyderabad, India. 

4th Floor, Locus Elite Building
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