Locus Elite app

Locus elite app is designed from the ground up keeping on the go media and communications folks in mind. The vast array of features allows you to skim through coverage, get notified of mentions from your media lists, alert you to any unexpected events and threats. At meetings, you can even present your case with data-backed analysis and make informed decisions.


Xplore lets you run a command-centre style of operation in your communications and media departments. You have large TV screens beaming live media data from news feeds, social media coupled with real-time analytics. Your team is at the centre of the operation. From live monitoring your announcements to battling a crisis, Xplore (a tech solution) can help drive a culture shift in the way your team works – by putting data and analysis at centre stage.


Early Warning Service (EWS)

Locus elite app can keep a constant watch on any emerging threats or events concerning your brand or organisation by way of tracking mentions and data patterns. However, automation can only go so far. EWS means our team takes the first look at these automated alerts and would only alert you if there is a need for it. We check first and forward it.

Daily Newsfeeds

Quality coverage, comprehensive monitoring and actionable information presented beautifully and delivered right to your inboxes in time is why our clients love our daily Newsfeeds. These reports intertwine broadcast, news and social media to show impact of your stories across various media.

Industry Newsfeeds

We monitor important industry publications, follow bylines of key industry reporters and social media influencers and sort important content to deliver it to you on time keeping it focussed and brief. We will take your preferences into consideration should you have any.

Apart from monitoring your brand and organisation, keeping an eye on your competitors and industry in general helps you not just be up to date with events, but also plan of time.

Analysis reports

Our analyst reports provide a concise and professional view on the performance of your campaign, event or a major announcement – all backed by reliable data and statistics. Our trained news analysts interpret your requirement and make the best use of the Locus Elite technology to deliver a reliable report that you can confidently present it to your leadership or use it for informed decision making.