Locus Elite app

Locus Elite app is designed from the ground up to address the needs of today's communication and media teams. While capturing the flow of information between various media - traditional, online and social - to offer a comprehensive picture, the app has features built to avoid hammering an ordinary user to death by information overload. What's more, at work, present your case with data-backed analysis to help make informed decisions.

24/7 monitoring of news and social media at one place

Stay on top of all the news coverage and social media reactions while receiving live media updates on your computer or mobile. The app is updated 24x7 and comes with several features for productive monitoring.

Beat the information overload with smart filters

Get only relevant information on the topics that you want to monitor. The app enables you with smart filters that will help you narrow down the content as well as get a gist of the entire coverage without reading through hundreds of articles.

Discover journalists, social media influencers on your topics

The app lets you discover journalists that write frequently about topics of your interest. Instead of using a static media database, the app draws fresh lists based on the articles that match your topics - helping you target the most appropriate journalists and influencers. On social media, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, the app offers you flexibility to discover influencers.

Create reports

Make informed decisions, present your case with data-backed analysis in meetings or create reports with reliable insights

Discover negative stories, hate campaigns and fake news

Uncover fake stories or any emerging hate campaigns before they gain traction in the media.