Analysis on a user

Jun 29, 2023

User profile provides comprehensive information about a user's social media account. This feature allows you to easily gather all the important details about a user's social media presence. 


We offer valuable and overall information about the user's social media account. This includes their profile details like username, profile picture, bio and followers. We also provide an analysis of their recent social media posts. These metrics help you understand how much the user interacts and influences others.

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Recent Posts:

The Recent posts section showcases a collection of all the posts shared by the user recently on their Twitter account. Each post is accompanied by the date it was published, as well as any relevant images and videos included in the post. It provides a chronological view of their activity and allows for a comprehensive exploration of their content. 

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This section provides a comprehensive analysis of the user's followers. It offers valuable insights into various aspects of the user's follower base.

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Followers by country of origin:

Visualized through an informative pie chart, this section illustrates the distribution of the user's followers based on their country of origin. It presents the percentage breakdown, highlighting the specific countries from which the followers originate.

Account age of user's followers :

This functionality delves into how the number of followers varies depending on how long the account has been active. Understanding these trends provides valuable insights into the account's growth trajectory."

Followers and following users:

Displayed in a visually appealing post card format, which showcases the user's list of followers and following. You can also find additional details such as the user's bio, follower count, and the date their account was created. This provides a comprehensive snapshot of the user's network and their level of influence within the platform.