Introducing Social Profile Insight

May 08, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Social Profile Insight, a ground-breaking new feature in the Locus Elite app designed to transform the way organisations understand social media interactions and audience dynamics. Social Profile Insight offers unparalleled depth in analysing social media users, their content, and their audience.

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Here’s what you can expect:

1. Comprehensive Content Insights:

Nature of Content: Discover the types of content posted, including detailed analyses of topics, sentiment, and media types like videos and pictures.
Engagement Patterns: Understand how the user interacts with others through mentions, replies, and targeted content.
Activity Analysis: Gauge the user’s posting frequency to identify patterns and peak engagement times.

2. Impact and Reach Analysis:

Engagement Overview: See the conversations and interactions spurred by the user’s content, identifying key themes and participant demographics.
Audience Engagement: Find out who is actively engaging with the content, and assess the nature of these interactions.
Content Impact: Measure the overall influence and reach of the user’s posts to optimize future content strategies.

3. In-depth Follower Insights:

Growth Trends: Track changes in follower or subscriber counts over time to evaluate campaign effectiveness.
Demographics and Origins: Analyse where followers are coming from, providing insight into global or regional appeal.
Follower Authenticity: Assess the legitimacy of followers to ensure your strategies target real, active users rather than bots.

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How to access it ?

Start by selecting the traditional query option. Next, click on "Bring posts made by the user" and enter the username of the person you want to analyze and search for. After clicking the search button, navigate to the analysis section, where you'll find detailed insights and analytics of the user's activity.