Locus Elite App Enhances Search with Natural Language, Multilingual Support, and Upcoming Voice Search

Mar 20, 2024

AI-Powered Natural Language Search Feature
We're thrilled to announce a major update to the Locus Elite app, introducing an AI-powered feature that supports natural language queries. This advanced technology allows users to input search terms as naturally as they would speak to a colleague, simplifying the search process significantly. 

Multilingual Keyword Translation
In addition to interpreting natural language, the app automatically translates keywords into both Arabic and English. This enhancement ensures that queries are prepared in multiple languages without any extra effort from the user.

Guidance for Detailed Analysis
For precise analysis and statistics, we recommend using the traditional search method with keywords and Boolean operators. This option remains available alongside the new natural language search.

person holding light bulb

Screenshot from the app is shown above.  You can get to the feature, using the menu shown below.high angle photo of person holding turned on smartphone with tall buildings background

Utilize the new search features with examples such as:

Bring posts on social media users reacting to Iran's firing of missiles on Israel.

Media articles on the launch of COP28 in UAE.

Dubai tourism from people based in the UK.

Outlets from Arab countries on UAE economy.

Exciting Future Development: Voice Search
Coming soon, Locus Elite will introduce voice search capabilities, allowing users to conduct searches by simply speaking into their devices. This forthcoming feature will further enhance accessibility and convenience for all users.

Flexible Search Options
With the introduction of natural language, automatic keyword translation, and soon voice search, users have multiple methods to choose from when searching, allowing for both ease of use and detailed, technical querying.

Try the Enhanced Search Experience
Experience the updated capabilities of the Locus Elite app today—simpler, more accessible, and more efficient than ever.