Search queries made simpler and easier to use

Aug 02, 2023

We've introduced new shortcuts to make creating search queries much simpler and more straightforward. These shortcuts are designed to enhance your search experience by providing easy access to specific types of content without the need for complex queries. The dedicated search box allows you to quickly enter different types of inputs and find the content you're interested in.

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Any Topic (With Keywords)

This functionality lets you search for information related to any topic you're interested in. It should be the default option for you to consider. You can monitor a combination of keywords, hashtags, usernames with this option, without having to use any Boolean search syntax.

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If you have to Boolean operations for a complex search query, click the “Use query editor for advanced users” option. Refer to the above illustration.  

For simple cases – where you just must monitor a single hashtag, or a user or a link (URL), we have provided convenient shortcuts.  


If you're searching for content related to a particular hashtag, just type the hashtag in the box provided, click on "Save & Search.” It's a quick and efficient way to explore all the relevant information related to the hashtag you're interested in.

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Social media Post URL

If you come across an interesting post on social media, this feature lets you find the post, track the impact of the post, see comments on the post and give a measure of the engagement of the post.  Copy the URL of the specific post and paste it into the search box. Click on "Save & Search," and you'll instantly find the post. If you don’t find the post, please wait for 5 minutes, if the app tells you to wait.

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Social media user

When it comes to tracking the digital presence of a user on social media, there are two things to consider. You may want to track all posts made by the user. Secondly, you may want to track all mentions of this user by other social media users. This feature lets you do both. Simply enter the username of the person you're interested in, and the platform will display all the relevant results associated with that user.

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