Product Announcements / 27 May 2021

Politics, Economy, Business, Sports, Arts & Culture are examples of subjects identified

Subject analysis of content!!!

Effective now, each news article is classified into a subject or a category based on its content. This allows for two things:
  1. Getting a share of media coverage or discussions on any topic by subject
  2. Filtering a search query to include or exclude posts on a subject.
Say you need to only look at "Economy related articles on Expo 2020." If you have a query setup to monitor Expo 2020, you can apply an "Economy" subject filter on this query to seek specific results you want.  Another application would be to see proportion of coverage on Expo 2020 by Economy, Sport, Politics and other subjects for analysis.
Filters are also updated with subjects information
Filters are also updated with subjects information.
Take a look at Subject Analysis now!
While this feature only applies for News in English, we are rolling out support for Arabic as well as social media in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates.